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Flexible Dental Financing and Insurance in Atlanta, GA

Effective oral health is essential for your overall well-being. However, dental care costs can be a barrier for some patients. At Mallard Cove Dental, we are committed to ensuring that families throughout Atlanta, GA receive the care they need. Our office accepts most major insurances. For our patients without insurance, we offer financing options. Learn more about how our office is committed to making dental care accessible for all our patients, then contact us to schedule your appointment.

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Promoting Oral Health Through Accessible Financing

Routine dental cleanings and oral evaluations are critical for your happiness, confidence, and health. However, maintaining positive oral health can be daunting for patients without dental insurance. Our goal is to make high-quality dental care accessible to every patient regardless of their budget. When you work with us, our dental professionals will take the time to explain your options so you can make the right decision that aligns with your oral healthcare goals. You can trust our team to help you achieve the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.

Helping You Navigate Dental Insurance Coverage

Private dental insurance or insurance through your place of employment can help alleviate the costs of dental procedures. However, understanding the details of your dental insurance plan is crucial. Being aware of what your insurance covers can be the difference between a smooth, cost-effective experience and a surprise bill in the mail. Our office accepts a wide range of insurance plans. We will work closely with you and your insurance provider to ensure you receive the maximum benefit.

More Ways to Achieve the Smile You Want

At Mallard Cove Dental, we do more than just provide cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry. We take the time to ensure our patients have access to the treatments they need by offering flexible payment options. Whether your insurance covers your dental procedures or you’re looking for an affordable way to pay out of pocket, we’re the team you can trust. Our patient-centered approach means you’ll receive the treatments you need at a price that matches your budget. Contact our team today to schedule your next appointment or to learn more about our payment options.

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