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Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings in Atlanta, GA

Caring for your teeth isn’t just about keeping up with appearances. It’s an essential part of your overall well-being. At Mallard Cove Dental, we can ensure your teeth are healthy with bi-annual dental cleanings at our Atlanta, GA office. Bi-annual dental cleanings are the cornerstone of your routine dental care. Maintaining a routine schedule is critical for your oral health. We offer bi-annual dental cleanings for kids, teens, and adults. Learn more about why it’s essential to mark your calendar every six months for this critical dental treatment.

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More Than a Cleaning

It’s true. Bi-annual cleanings do allow our team to clean your teeth. However, they also serve as a crucial opportunity for Dr. McLean to inspect your teeth, gums, and soft tissue. Many studies have shown that oral health is directly related to overall dental health. Learn more about what you can expect during your next bi-annual dental cleaning:

  • Preventative Oral Health Benefits: Regular dental check-ups and cleanings provide a proactive approach to oral health. Our dentists will screen for diseases, evaluate your risk of oral health issues, and answer any questions or address any concerns you have.
  • Early Detection of Issues: A bi-annual cleaning, coupled with routine X-rays and examinations, can identify issues early on, providing an opportunity for treatment, preserving your teeth, and saving you from potential discomfort.
  • Professional Cleaning: Even the most diligent at-home care routine isn’t enough. We use specialized tools and techniques to remove plaque and tartar that have built up over time.

Discover the Benefits of Bi-Annual Cleanings

Whether you rigorously follow a bi-annual dental cleaning schedule or are considering scheduling your first appointment in years, you can count on our team to provide exceptional care and compassion. Discover why bi-annual dental cleanings are so important to your health:

Reduce Gum Disease Risk

Gum disease is prevalent in older patients. When plaque builds up below the gum line, it causes inflammation of the gums. We can remove plaque for a healthier smile.

Prevents Cavities

Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash aren't enough. We utilize special dental tools to remove stuck-on plaque to prevent cavities and decay.

Improved Look

We remove stains from coffee, tea, red wine, and other culprits, revealing a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Save Money

By addressing minor issues before they need serious intervention, you're saving yourself from more costly dental procedures in the future

Book Your Next Bi-Annual Cleaning Today

Bi-annual dental cleanings are an essential part of your oral healthcare routine. Mallard Cove Dental offers bi-annual cleanings at our Atlanta, GA office. Our skilled and experienced dental professionals have access to the latest dental technology and trusted techniques to ensure you get the care you deserve. Whether you’ve been a part of our office for years or need to schedule your first appointment, we’re the team you can trust. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

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