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Today was my first appointment at the office, and it was nothing short of amazing. I was blown away by the friendly staff, and the way everyone just made me feel at home. Dr. McLean was extremely thorough and explained everything and answered all of my questions. I never felt rushed or like a $. He gave great care and consideration. This is my new dental home, and I would encourage anyone who is looking for someone to check out their offices

Beyonce Alowishus

Can’t say enough about how friendly the staff was even Dr. McLean was very nice and upfront was very nervous at first hadn’t been to the dentist in a while. Highly recommend did not try to oversell or push anything on me. I did not need thank you for being so honest, hard to find these days.

The HMH Family

Dr McLean! Where do I begin?!! He has been 100% instrumental in navigating a dental nightmare that unfolded back in 2010. Dr McLean has been my quarterback!! His son, Justin, is one of my good buddies, and he graciously connected me with his father when he saw what was happening amongst the nyc dental “shenanigans.” He is the one who stepped in during all the unnecessary dental work I was receiving in nyc from a dentist who was the farthest thing from ethical. I found myself in a scam that changed the whole trajectory of my life. Dr McLean has been a guiding light, taking time to speak with me, assess my dental issues and x-rays and beyond, and always has pointed me in the right direction. He is so thorough and kind and talented. Dr McLean took the time to call my orthodontist to make sure all of my issues would be properly addressed. He has been there when I was having dental emergencies etc. Dr McLean is not only a phenomenal dentist but a friend and person. So grateful for his care, kindness, and expertise!

Holly Harvin

Dr. McLean treats us as patients rather than marketing targets. I really appreciate the respect he and his staff show their patients. I enjoy receiving proper care here.

Tom Berg

Dr. McLean is a great, caring dentist. Very gentle with you And the office staff is also as great. If you don't have a dentist who cares about you and takes time listen, I definitely recommed this group°

Janice Rakestraw

Great dentist with long experience in patient care. Super clean environment and keeps up with the latest dental tools. Really cares about his patients and the office staff is great as well. Superior dental care!

Gary M Stephens

Yes I love coming here…Dr.McLean is the best dentist I ever had…the type of customer service is great and he really cares about his patients….especially with Veronica sitting at the front desk…she is awesome and has a big heart for customer satisfaction an a pretty smile…they also have great snacks also….i will forced be a long time customer.

Ernest Flores

Dr. McLean and his team are great. I’ve been going to them for probably 20 years and I still have all my teeth!

Ron Jenkins

As usual, Dr. McLean and his very capable staff made our visit a very pleasant one! Everyone in the office is always friendly, kind and professional. It is almost a pleasure to go to the Dentist's office!

William Middleton

Dr. McLean is an amazing dentist. He goes above and beyond to make his patients comfortable and happy with results in his dental work! He saw me for a cracked tooth over the weekend, and I couldn’t be more grateful. He has been my dentist for 37 years and I have always been pleased with his work, as well as the dental hygienists and all the staff in his office.

Cile Snow

Dr. Mclean’s office feels like the warmth of family along with expertise dental care. The ease of getting an appointment in a timely manner is impressive. I really like that I am able to always speak to a dental staff member when I call the office or get a call back the same day. Thank you Dr. McLean and staff! You are royalty in the dental in the “teeth” business.

Edith Woods

The people who performed the dental work did an excellent job in handling the issue addressed. I will continue to connect with this office to insure the job is done properly and professional.

Don Bubna

Dr. McLean has years of valuable experience which he uses every time I open my mouth. He doesn’t just look at the particular problem I came in for him to fix, he looks at everything and also follows up on past issues. He is a professional and I feel in good hands with him.

Marianna Spain

I have been a patient with Dr. McLean for over 50 years. They have always taken great care of my teeth and have a great staff that always makes one feel welcomed. I would certainly recommend Dr. McLean to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Rick Kitchens

The staff are very helpful and kind . The place is so clean. I love to go to see DR. McLean who is very professional in his field and very patient and very kind. I always was scared to go to dentist but since I met DR. Mclean in 1980 ,for me going to him just like going and visiting my family. As he makes everyone so welcome with his worm smiling. DR. McLean is Top Doctor in Atlanta as he is so famous with his work. I recommend DR. Mclean to all my friends and families. Thank you DR. Mclean. You are the best and God bless you always.

Clemance Horesh

Thanks for getting me in so quickly today and the work you did on my tooth "filling" situation. I appreciate being a patient of this office for the past 27 years!

James Kirkegaard

It would be hard to improve upon the rating I gave many years ago for Dr McLean, since the excellence of his practice has not changed. He and his staff are extremely courteous, honest and above all skilled. Dr. McLean basically knows all the tricks of the trade, so to speak, from his many years of practice, to accommodate your treatment needs while optimizing your insurance coverage. Recently he provided me, in ample detail, aspects of a prospective Invisalign treatment. He will always give you the same advice that he himself would follow on dental matters. A "friend in the diamond business"!

Chuck Tucker

Dr. McLean and his staff are wonderful. I have trusted them with the care of my teeth and my family’s teeth for over 20 years. The Hygenists are great. Everyone is professional and friendly. I cannot stress how important it is to have the best care of my teeth and the first solution has always been to repair and save my teeth without encouraging other expensive options. I doubt that many young dentists would have the knowledge or patience to do so. You will not be disappointed.

Ronni Tucker

I have been going to Dr. Mclean's office for several years now and I have to say that I excited to go every time. The staff is welcoming, friendly and really care about you as a person. Dr. McLean is professional and really cares about your overall health. This is a dental practice worth going to!

Richard Bradley

Awesome, patient doctor and crew who always strive for the very best outcome! I’ve been coming here more than 30 years and never had a bad experience. Definitely recommend Dr McLean and his crew for you!

Debra Harvey

Dr. McClean is awesome! I’ve been coming to him for the last 7 years. The office is so professional. Ronnie and Katina are so sweet and patient. They are definitely the glue that keeps the place together. I also love how Dr. McClean continues to go to seminars and classes to stay up to date on the latest techniques, etc. If you haven’t already, check this place out, you won’t regret it.

Jasmine Bennett

Just returned from my visit with Dr.. Bob. My teeth are sparkling! Dr. Bob’s practice is always so friendly and accommodating. Never thought I’d say this but I love going to the dentist. If you are in need of first class dental care in a clean and relaxing environment- Robert M. McLean DDS is the best. I can say that since my family and I have been going to Dr. Bob for over 30 years.

Wende Ramseur

My previous dentist of 20 some years told me I had a cracked tooth and would need a cap. I went to Dr. Mclean for a second opinion, he did all sorts of testing to verify the problem and found nothing to suggest a cap. Dr. Mclean felt the pain I was having in that tooth was possibly to the excessive amount of grapefruit I was eating. Sure enough that was the case and its been 2 years now and I still have that tooth. So I HIGHLY recommend Dr Mclean, he is so very thorough!!! His staff makes you feel like family and his hygienist Pam does a GREAT job cleaning my teeth! Go and see for yourself! Now we're looking at what options I have to best preserve my teeth for the next 20 years. I'm 65 and I want to keep these pearly whites as long as I can. You'll love him and his staff.....I promise! Too add to this review now in 2016..been with Dr. Mclean for four years now and I'm still so very happy. I still have that tooth my previous dentist said had a crack in it! I've had my bit adjusted so now all my teeth hit when I chew....big difference and this will help preserve my teeth as well. His staff is still the best...its like going to see your family. Still loving them all....go see for yourself;-) Update…now I’m 73 and still have that tooth!! Just confirms what a great honest dentist Dr McClean is. His entire staff is still simply the best.


I've been seeing Dr. Maclean and his staff for many years... I actually drive for 1 1/2 hours each way in order to utilize this practice. His expertise is exceptional (other dentists I have had to see in unique situations have positively commented on the quality of his work) and he is well worth the extra trouble. Also, he is very reasonably priced.

Sandra McCollum

We’ve been going to Dr McLean for years. Him and his staff are always fantastic. We actually tried a different dentist because his location is no longer convenient to me. After the experience with the other dentist, I’d rather go out of my way to see Dr McLean.

Erik Maenpaa

My family and I have been seeing Dr. McLean for over 20 years now, when we used to live in Marietta. Now that we live in Northern Georgia, we have decided to stay with Dr. McLean because he knows us. We have never gone to see another dentist. Everyone in his office is so loving and caring. Great team! I would highly recommend him!

Jennifer Bubna

Best darn Dentist I've ever the the pleasure of seeing. Dr. Bob is the best. So good, if fact that he has been my one and only dentist. And that says a lot.....since I'm 52. Nothing but positive, happy people here, great pricing, AND I've NEVER experienced pain here! Which I'm told is huge. Thanks Dr. Mclean and staff!! Me and my family love you!!

Thomas Rudder

It is always easy to make appointments in this office and I seldom have to wait more than 2 minutes after I arrive to be seen, I have been going to Dr. Mclean for many years and he managed to save many of my teeth after years of infrequent care and has continued to maintain those teeth for me. He constructed both a plate and a partial and they have remained effective, well-fitting, and comfortable. I would, and I have on multiple occasions, recommended Dr. Mclean and his staff.

Sandra McCollum

My children grew up coming to Dr. Mclean and are still patients today as adults. My husband and I became patients of his so long ago it’s scary. His staff is friendly and very competent. I have always trusted my family’s wellbeing to them and will continue to do so. I would highly recommend.

Marie Cowart

Our family has used Dr. McLean for nearly 30 years and have received professional services from routine teeth cleaning to crowns, Dr. McLean has on occasion noticed conditions in x-rays that warranted referral to other medical specialists. We are thoroughly satisfied with the practice and short of moving from the area would not go to another practice.

Ron King

I really like Dr. McLean and his staff. They are personable and they do a great job. There's nothing like having someone who loves what they do especially when providing you with services that can be invasive at times. It makes the experience less uncomfortable.

Devonna Bervine

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