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COVID-19 Protection Today in the Office of Robert McLean, DDS

As Georgia continues to loosen their shelter-in-place orders, it’s more than ever vital that we at Dr. Robert McLean’s office let our dental community know that we are participating in their on-going dental health and taking all safety precaution in our office. We are strictly following CDC and Georgia guidelines for the safety of our family of patients and ourselves.

Our PPE Equipment Includes:

  • n-95 masks.
  • face shields.
  • gowns.
  • gloves.

Our Office Equipment to Destroy COVID-19 Virus Includes:

  • An electrostatic fogger to spray the room immediately after each patient is dismissed to destroy an Covid-19 in the air from aerosol. We spray EPA approved N-list chemicals approved to kill Covid-19, like those used in hospitals and the airline industry.
  • We use an external high-speed vacuum system placed near the patient’s mouth to capture aerosols. The device contains high-grade HEPA filters and ultraviolet light.
  • 360-degree purified air filtration system with HEPA filter and UV lights capturing 99.97 pollutants.
  • Surface decontamination of all hard surfaces with approved chemicals.
  • Temperature check at office entry and a screening questionnaire.